Our Favorite Hints from Heloise

Our Favorite Hints from Heloise

In February 1959, Heloise Bowles went to the editor of her local newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, with a column idea. She wasn’t sure if he’d go for it, so she even offered to write daily articles for free for 30 days. It was that month that “Readers Exchange” now known as “Hints from Heloise” premiered.

Now, Heloise’s daughter is still writing the column that runs in over 500 newspapers seven days a week. In honor of the anniversary of the column, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite Hints from Heloise.


The Ice Cube Trick
Moving furniture around in your home? Dents in the carpet from where the couch or table once was can stay for days, even weeks! Heloise suggests you put ice cubes in each indentation. After they melt, wait about 12 hours. Next, blot the wet spots dry, and use the edge of a spoon to lift carpet fibers back up.

Clean You Coffee Maker
Run full-strength white vinegar through two regular brew cycles. On the second cycle, stop halfway through, and let sit 15 minutes. Last, run several cycles with plain water through the maker.

Organize the Family Calendar
“Which one of my sons has a baseball game today?” Get a different color pen for each family member so their activities can be written in their own color. Get an additional color to designate whole family events. This will keep you organized and give your calendar some fun color!

Removing Pen Ink from Clothing
Put the clothing item down on top of paper towels so that the stain is pressed against the towels. Use cleaning fluid or dry-cleaning solvent to treat the stain from the back. Be sure to move the paper towel around often so there is always a clean area to absorb the ink. Let dry, then launder as normal.

Conserve Toilet Paper
Before putting a toilet paper roll on the holder, flatten it a bit. This will make is hard to have too much toilet paper come rolling off. This is especially useful when you have young children.

Home Odor?
Simmer herbs and spices on the stove top. This could include cinnamon, cloves, ginger—or whatever you want your home to smell like.

We hope these hints help your household run smoother. Looking for the ultimate way to lessen the house work? Hire The Cleaning Authority as your house cleaners to get a bi-weekly clean on our detail rotation.

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