Life Hacks from Heloise

Life Hacks from Heloise

Today is Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans’ 65th Birthday. No idea who that is? That’s probably because she’s better known by her pen name Heloise. Heloise has been writing Hints from Heloise since 1977, when her mother, the original writer of the column, passed away.

Hints from Heloise is a household advice column that runs daily in more than 500 newspapers across the U.S. In honor of Heloise’s big day, we’d like to share some of our favorite household hints with you.

Keyboard Care
When cleaning your computer’s keyboard, remove individual keys to clean and wipe the underside with a microfiber cloth. And to prolong a clean keyboard, lay an extra place mat over it when it’s not in use. This will prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from getting on or in it.

Stinky Shoes
Whether it’s sneakers or cleats, stinky shoes can stink up a whole room. To remove the stench, first put a piece of plastic wrap into shoes. Then, put a few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and place them on top of the plastic wrap in the shoes. This’ll do the trick!

Tidy TV
Love your plasma screen TV, but have no idea how to clean it? Unplug the power cord for safety, then wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth to remove dust or fingerprints. Never apply solvent on the screen. You can also use the microfiber cloth on the remote.

Pungent Popcorn
Need to get rid of the awful lingering stink that comes from burning popcorn in the microwave? Fill a large microwave-safe bowl with one cup of water and add several drops of vanilla extract. Microwave the bowl until water is boiling then let it sit in the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes to cool. Last, simply wipe the walls down with paper towels. Leave the microwave door open to further air it out.

Shirt Stains
Do your favorite shirts have perspiration or deodorant stains on the underarms? Start by soaking the stain in white vinegar. Take the shirt out and wait 30 minutes. Then, put shirts in the washer at the hottest water safe for the fabric. Use an enzyme detergent or a detergent with bleach alternative as long as the care labels indicate that’s okay. You can even put liquid laundry detergent right on the stained area, leave it for five to ten minutes, then wash.

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